lashkare hussaini

Learn The Prayer

We can hear the Prayer-call
from the roof of the house
every morning. Everywhere in
the home is filled with the smell
of Prayer, so we all wake up.
Then wash our hands and
faces to performe Wudu ablution.

After having performed Wudu ablution,
make intention before the Prayer.
You must know which Prayer you
are going to pray and for whom you
pray, this is called the Intention.

Stand facing the Qibla and
enter into Prayer (Salat).


Raise your hands, say "Allah-u Akbar."

Now recite the Al-Fatiha (Hamd) Sura (opening chapter of the Holy Quran) as follow;

a) In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
b) Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all being
c) The All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.
d) The Master of the Day of Doom.
e) Thee only we serve, to Thee alone we pray for succour.
f) Guide us in the straight path,
g) The path of those whom Thou blast blessed, neither those against whom Thou are wrathful, nor of those who are astray.

Then recite any other short Sura like Tohid Sura.

After recitation of Hamd and Tohid Suras, bow down. This is called Rokoo'a.

Prostrate and say  "O' Lord! Thee are Pure and Great."

Do the second prostration which are called, Sajdeh.

Again recite the Hamd and Tohid
Suras and say, "Allah-u Akbar."

On Qonoote, you read your
personal prayers.

After your supplication,
bow down (Rokoo'a) saying
  that,"O' Allah! Thee are kind."

It's time to prostrate (Sajdeh)
and after the first one say,
"Allah-u Akbar."

On the last prostration (Sajdeh),
Thank God.

On the testifying of God
, in the name
of Him, say "Praise belongs
to God."

After Tashahod, Salute to the
Holy Prophet
(Pbuh&hf) and the righteous
believers too, it's called
Now your prayer is over.